Manage registration and resource allocations. Conference attendees are registered and badges issued electronically.
Attendees payment are also managed seamlessly. writing a case study analysis All data required is collected at this registration point. Passport photo, signature and other bio-data can be collected at registration.  At the end a full attendance report is generated.


Manage interaction and information within the conference.  The participants can view, download and share conference material using their smart devices. Organizer can run polls, voting, manage Q&A forums by the participants. Participants can chat amongst one another. Sponsors and advertisers spaces can also be created

There would be an aperitif pernod, usually then a full threecourse lunch with a hot main course provided by the wife of the head builder served with wine and as much bread as you could eat

Extend the boundaries of the conference beyond the four walls of the hall. Participants watching it from will view it live from anywhere in the world, participate can ask questions, chat with the conference participants using the
Dijito.Zone system. Dijito.Net is protected from internet vagaries at the location using bonding
technology. You can choose to stream into Dijito.Net, YouTube or your website

Now I go to paris several times a year and, banal observation though it is, its claim to be the most beautiful great city of the world is effortlessly reestablished
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