About Dijito


Efficaxx Support Consultants has revolutionised conferencing. Gone are the days of having speakers deliver speeches and participants sitting through hours and waiting till the end of the session to interact with the speaker, get essay help days of printing daily programs and itineraries and they still would not be sufficient to reach the participants, days when sharing and distributing information was a challenge. With the introduction of DIJITO CONFERENCE SYSTEM, Efficaxx has made conferencing easier, interactive, digital and almost effortless.

Dijito Conference System is an information and knowledge sharing infrastructure for conferences, events, Expos, AGM’s and Award Ceremony’s, designed to utilize the current consumer technology of phones, laptops and tablets for a participant to have access to a wide array of information and features that enhance his/her experience and interaction with the subject of a gathering, meeting or public place.

It offers a wide range of features for the participants namely;

  • Conference Content, calendar and event management, scheduling and syncing.
  • Material sharing and agenda distribution. Reach to all participants with necessary information, itinerary, programs, speeches and notes.
  • Content wall which allows participants to post their views, comments questions as the conference progresses in real-time.
  • Document and media management which allows participants to download documents and multimedia directly to their devices.
  • Chat-enables people to login into the WIFI chat, ask questions, interact and socialize.
  • Linking data sources such as documents entries, blogs, related features and events as well as connecting to RSS Feeds.
  • Send messages, announcements and alerts to all participants as well as post advertisements and sponsors.

Benefits of this revolutionary conference system;

  • Do you need an interactive environment? – With the chat and content wall, participants are able to share information, chat, and comment, ask questions throughout the session.
  • Spending too much resource on printing programs, speeches, timetables, notebooks? – Document management handles uploading all necessary information, view speakers profiles. Thus there is tremendous amount of time and resources saved.
  • Increase revenue for your event. Have sponsors and virtual advertisers rent a space on the system and benefit from a large variety of sponsorship opportunities in the Dijito platform and you get your sponsor ad revenue.
  • Carry your documents, media files, power points with you on the go. Download necessary information and have offline access for later reference.
  • Have your attendees details through online registration, their feedback through online evaluations all stored and backed up by the system for easier and faster follow up.
  • Do you feel your conference is different from the rest? – We customize the system
    to be tailor suited for your one of a kind conference.

Efficaxx provides all the crew and equipment to ensure your event is a streaming live and delegates can be able to view from their tablets or laptops or smart phones.

Conferences get an opportunity to be video recorded and streamed live online to a give opportunity to more participants




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